Retirement Security Initiative

Bipartisan advocacy for fair and sustainable pensions

Why Pension Reform

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Unfunded Liabilities

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Mission & Principles

The Retirement Security Initiative (RSI) is a national, bipartisan advocacy organization focused on protecting and ensuring the fairness and solvency of public sector retirement plans. Our mission is to inform and educate policy leaders and the public regarding the importance of fair and sustainable public sector retirement plans, and organize and support policy development and advocacy efforts at the federal, state and local levels.

We Believe...

that State and local governments have a responsibility to provide essential services that protect the safety, health, welfare and quality of life for all Americans;

State and local governments have an obligation to ensure that their retirement plans are sustainable, fiscally sound and responsibly managed so that all retirees and employees get paid what they have earned; and

Solutions to the funding and cost crises need to be developed with input from employees, retirees, labor, management, taxpayers and fiscal experts.

Our Reform Principles

  • All workers deserve safe and secure retirements
  • Retirement plans should place employees on a path to a secure retirement, regardless of tenure
  • Retirement benefits and costs should be fair, sustainable and predictable
  • State and local governments should fully fund employee benefits, as they are earned, and incentives to underfund commitments should be eliminated
  • Unfunded liabilities should be paid down over a reasonable time period
  • Decision making and management of retirement plans should be open, transparent and non-political
  • Solutions should be designed around the specific problems and financial resources of each jurisdiction and there is no single solution that will work everywhere

What We Do

The Retirement Security Initiative (RSI) is an advocacy organization focused on protecting and ensuring the fairness and sustainability of public sector retirement plans. RSI marshals and organizes a broad range of resources to help policymakers learn about pension issues and explore policy options. We work at the federal, state, county and municipal levels to:

  • Inform and educate the public and policy leaders
  • Support policy development
  • Build strategies and organize support for fair and sustainable retirement plans

Our Team

Chuck Reed

Board Member, Chairman

James Spiotto

Board Member, President

Dan Liljenquist

Board Member, Secretary

Richard Ravitch

Board Member

Pete Constant

Chief Executive Officer

Rachael Heisler

Vice President

Katie Camerer

Policy Analyst